It was March 2010. It was Angie's second day at her new job, Nations Photo Lab, where Tyler also worked. She was invited to the company morale build – bowling after work where she was placed on Tyler's team. Over the duration of the next two years they began building a friendship. They both started to gain interest in each other, but interestingly enough, they didn't know one liked the other. They kept their crushes to themselves never telling each other how they felt until 2012.

The below two pictures are from a work BBQ in 2010. This was just after they had met each other, not yet having a friendship.

Friday, July 25 2014. It was our two-year anniversary. Angie had taken off work to get her hair and nails done. Tyler initially only told her that they had dinner reservations in the city but wouldn't say where. Angie kept pestering him that she didn't know how to dress or what to expect. Eventually, he caved in and told her he bought tickets for Spirit, a Baltimore dinner cruise. She was so excited to try something new, she had a feeling this anniversary was going to be a blast! When they arrived at their table she was met with a second surprise; Tyler had not only bought dinner cruise tickets, he also made arrangements for the romantic package. The package included a private table with a bottle of champagne, fresh strawberries, keepsake champagne flutes, a bouquet of Roses and petals sprinkled over the table.

The hostess Kia was friendly, spirited, and really knew how to keep us entertained. She even showed Angie how to make some decorative napkin designs! After the boat left the harbor they enjoyed a lovely dinner service and afterwards the DJ started. At that point Tyler seemed very fidgety, not knowing whether he wanted to stay downstairs and dance or venture to the upper deck to enjoy the view and cocktails. When Angie asked him why he was so antsy he would just shake it off. He kept saying he was super excited because he's never been on a boat before so he couldn't make up his mind on what he wanted to do next. So in and out, up and down they traipsed all over the cruise ship taking selfies and enjoying the views. This continued all over the boat until the sun started to set.

As the ship turned to head back to the Inner Harbor, the view turned to a spectacular sunset bursting with all the warm colors of a mild July evening. Eager to snap the perfect picture, Tyler led Angie to the bow of the ship. While they were taking pictures of themselves the hostess, Kia, walked past and asked if they needed anything. Without hesitation Tyler asked Kia to snap a photo of them in front of the sunset. Of course, with the photo being backlit the first one didn't turn out well so Tyler asked for Kia to take another. As she was preparing to take the next photo, Tyler stepped to the side and said, "Before we take this picture, would you like me to give you your anniversary gift?" At this point Angie was slightly embarrassed that Tyler had interrupted the Hostesses' scheduled duties to take photos of her opening presents. It hadn't occurred to her, in that moment, that Tyler was setting up to prepare for the single greatest moment of her entire life. He bent down on one knee and reached into his jacket pocket taking out a little brown box. Without skipping a beat Kia quickly snatched the empty cocktail glass out of Angie's hands as she gasped with disbelief. Stumbling nervously over his words Tyler said, "Angela Patrice Hogarty, would you do me the honor of being my wife?" Sobbing uncontrollably, Angie couldn't muster out words. She was completely shocked, dazed in disbelief. There was a slight pause of silence until Kia so bravely asked, "So, are you going to answer him?" "Yes! Yes! Oh God Yes!", she shouted loudly as she rushed to embrace him with one of the biggest hugs she had ever given him.

Our table when we arrived on the ship.

Enjoying the upper deck (still before she knew he was going to propose).

The picture pretty much says its all.

Angie scream-crying in excitement and surprise!

For those who haven't been to this area before, it can be a little confusing so listen up! The town is called Savage, MD. Within the town of Savage is a structure called Historic Savage Mills. Historic Savage Mills used to be a mill back in the day. (If you're interested in the history it can be found here.) To preserve the structure they've gutted the inside and filled it with neat crafty stores, antique shops, and restaurants. One of the places within Historic Savage Mills is The Great Room. The Great Room is where the ceremony and reception will be taking place. The ceremony will be taking place on the covered deck. The reception will be inside The Great Room. Feel free to arrive early and explore the shops and unique areas within Historic Savage Mills!

Below is an interactive Google Map navigating you to The Great Room. For those who are kickin' it old school, the address is The Great Room at Historic Savage Mill, 8600 Foundry Street Savage, MD 20763. Please park in the west parking lot.

  • (For the map to the right)
  • Yellow - West parking lot for the Great Room
  • Blue - The Great Room
  • Red - Sidewalk taking you directly to the ceremony deck
  • Pink - How to get to The Great Room from inside Historic Savage Mills

You're probably curious what you need to be a part of, when it's happening, and where! Below is an outline of the wedding's events.

Date Time Event Location          
September 29, 2015 5:00PM Men's Tux Fitting The Bridal Boutique      
October 1, 2015 5:00 PM Dress Rehersal The Great Room  
  6:00 PM Rehersal Dinner Rams Head Tavern's dining room (second floor)  
  8:25 PM Ravens vs Steelers Rams Head Tavern (first floor)
October 2, 2015 11:00 AM Hair and Makeup Looks Salon and Spa
  3:30 PM Bridal Party Photos Historic Savage Mill, starting on the iconic railroad bridge    
  4:00 PM Family Photos Main entrance to Savage Mill  
  6:00 PM Ceremony The Great Room's covered deck  
  6:30 PM Reception The Great Room  
  10:45 PM After Party Rams Head Tavern Rathskeller Bar (basement)
October 3, 2015 10:00 AM Post Wedding Brunch Our Apartment
October 4, 2015 6:00 AM Honeymoon! Jamaica          
Bride's Parents   Groom's Parents  
Jeff Hogarty Father Joel Brengle Father
Darlene Hogarty Mother Darlene McClenny Mother
    Don McClenny Step-Father
    Debbie Brengle Step-Mother
Ladies   Gents  
Alice Agro Maid of Honor Joel Brengle Best Man
Lauren Zaragoza Bridesmaid Greg Hancock Groomsman
Amanada Johnson Bridesmaid Cory Thompson Groomsman
Casey Gover Bridesmaid Chris Carpenter Groomsman
Brooke Martin Bridesmaid Justin Farmer Groomsman
Adrianna Sisk Flower Girl Riley Farmer Ring Bearer

We have registered at Amazon and Bed Bath & Beyond. Clicking the icons below will take you directly to our corresponding registries on their websites. Don't worry, the online registries are smart enough to remove an item after it's been purchased so no duplicates will be created!

Important note for Bed Bath & Beyond: If anyone goes to a physical store rather than using the registry online, be sure to go to the Customer Service area and have them print out the registery for you. Scanning the items on the printed registery is the only way for them to be removed from the list during purchase in store.

We're going to Jamaica! We'll being staying at a Sandals resort in Montego Bay, enjoying the beach, scuba diving, fancy drinks, and delicious food. Neither of us have ever left the country so this will be quite the experience. We'll be sure to take a bazillion photos and videos to share with everyone. A few photos from our room, building and resort are below.

Make sure to tag your pictures and posts with #TangieTiedTheKnot on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook! We'll go ahead and get it started for you. The icons below will take you straight to the feeds so you can view our latest updates as well as post from other guests.